Order Clean Water for Earth Month

Dime a Glass Image 2The recent pollution event in West Virginia’s Elk River illuminates the critical importance of clean water to the health and economic vitality of our region.  The James River and its tributaries compose one of the largest sources of water to Table Rock Lake and a substantial portion of the drinking water for the City of Springfield is taken from the James River.  April 2014 is Earth Month and what better time to focus on protection of water quality.

It is with great pleasure that we here at the James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) announce the second edition of our annual One Glass-One Dime-One Time  (1-1-1) funding campaign. The concept of the 1-1-1 campaign is simple.  We are asking patrons of participating restaurants to donate just ten cents (one dime) for the first glass of water they drink with a meal, and only the first glass.  Money generated from the   1-1-1 program will help fund JRBP’s projects and programs in the Ozarks and the funds stay 100% local.

During Earth Month April 2014 the 1-1-1 program is sponsored by five area restaurants. We are grateful to the staff and management of Springfield Brewing Company, Farmers Gastropub, Gilardis Ristorante, The Galloway Grill and Bair’s All American Sports Bars (4 locations) for sponsoring the 2014 program.  The owners and operators of these fine dining establishments clearly understand the need for clean water and we encourage our members, partners and all friends of the James River to patronize participating restaurants and drop a dime for clean water.

The 1-1-1 program has the potential to generate a stream of income for JRBP and therefore become a mainstay of our sustainable funding plan as we move our organization into the future.  We envision a time when restaurants throughout the James River Basin from Marshfield to Cassville are participating in this program.  You can check our website for updates on the 1-1-1 program including a list of participating restaurants.

The James River has largely recovered from the severe nutrient pollution of 1998-2002.  The James will however, always be a recovering river.  The JRBP played a significant role in this dramatic recovery.  With relatively high water quality in the James River you could ask why should I add a dime to my bill when eating out? The reasons to support JRBP are many, but below is a list of the more urgent issues still impacting the James River:

  • Unprecedented development and population growth in the watershed
  • Unprecedented and ongoing drought in the entire basin–the drought amplifies many of the other issues listed here
  • Septic tank discharges-at least 10,000 failed systems as of 2006
  • Nutrients-from urban, industrial, suburban and agricultural sources (especially nitrogen and phosphorus)
  • Sediments-from land disturbance activities and improper land use practices
  • Agricultural inputs-in particular cattle in the stream channel and deforestation of riparian corridors
  • Environmental literacy-a continual effort is required to reach each new generation

We need your help.  Get a group of friends and family together and eat out often during April at the locations above.  Have an Earth Day Party at one of our participating locations on April 22 and make sure everyone orders a glass of water.  By doing so you will be honoring the spirit of Earth Day and at the same time you will help us, help you protect the quality of water in the James River.  We have a plan and the programs to sustain the recovery of the James River.  We need your financial help to provide the resources to make the recovery permanent.

Don’t eat out much?  Please consider becoming a member of JRBP with a tax deductible donation (you can join online) to help us continue our mission to protect the quality of water in our springs, streams, rivers and lakes.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and you can be assured that your donation will be used to sustain our mission to protect and improve water quality in the springs, streams, rivers and lakes of the James River Basin.

If you would like to donate to JRBP please go to our WEB Site <www.jamesriverbasin.com> and click on the “Donate” link, or call our office at 417-836-8878.

Best Regards,

Joe Pitts